Do I need to get undressed?

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For a bone density scan, items that might interfere with the results will be removed from the area to be scanned. In most places, this is your hip or hips, and your low back. Items that interfere are buttons, zips and other metallic items. Naturally, we provide a gown to protect your modesty! In the case [...]

How accurate is a body composition scan?


A body composition scan is highly accurate. That is why it is called the "gold standard" of body composition analysis. It involves very minimal levels of radiation and is far more accurate than bio-impedance, calipers or tape measures and scales. The only comparable methods for measuring body composition are volumetric CT (high radiation dose), dunk [...]

Can I claim through my Health Fund?

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You may be able to claim your body scan consultation with your private health fund. Please check with your provider prior to your appointment to see if you are covered. There is no Medicare item number for a Body Composition scan and therefore this cannot be claimed through private health or Medicare. If you are having a [...]

How often should I have a body composition scan?


We suggest getting a follow up scan at least every 3 months, however this is dependent on your health and fitness goals and the level of change you expect to see. Some people track their changes monthly, during periods of fat loss or muscle gain. If you have been referred by a GP, dietitian, exercise physiologist, [...]

What is the radiation involved?

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DEXA uses a very low dose X-ray. The typical x-ray dose is less than a day of background radiation. By background radiation, we mean the usual dose that people in Australia receive from normal exposure from background sources. In Australia, the average person receives 2700 microSv of radiation, each year. A DEXA scan typically involves [...]

How long do appointments go for?

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A bodyscan takes approximately 15 minutes and a Consultation takes approximately 30 minutes. For those having a scan for the very first times, we suggest booking in for a full consultation so that our health practitioner can help you interpret your results and get the most out of them. This can be followed by a [...]

Do I need a referral to make an appointment?

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A referral is not required for a Body Composition scan, however your Doctor may wish to refer you under a Team Care Arrangement Plan if you have a chronic health condition. For more information ask your doctor. Patients coming to Riverside Body Scan for a Bone Mineral Density test will require a doctor's referral.