Muffin Tops and Beer Bellies – What is Visceral Adipose Tissue?


What does your belly say about you? Shakespeare once said “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. However true that may be, there’s nothing sweet about that extra abdominal fat you’re storing, despite the nickname you’ve so lovingly attached to it. Whether you have nicknamed your tummy fat as your food [...]

Five Reasons to Break Up With Your Scales


Five Reasons Why You Need To Break Up With Your Scales For some people, the scales can be a helpful tool for tracking daily weight and adopting healthy behaviours that support weight loss. A recently published study suggests that combining daily weigh-ins with weight loss education may be vital to adopting weight control [...]

Why we are dumping on BMI (Body Mass Index) from a great height.


BMI is as outdated as your Granny's favourite pair of underpants. But before we talk about why BMI (Body Mass Index) is an imprecise measure of how fat a person may be and an imperfect predictor of a person’s health risks, lets take a closer look at what your body weight is [...]